LED Lamp Warranties


LED Lamp Warranties

Full end user warranty

All tp24 lamps are guaranteed for 12 months from purchase date. Our LED lamps also come with an additional year’s warranty if registered with us on our website.  Every LED that we produce now comes with an individual serial number, so that we can trace its production.  If you should have a failure occur within the warranty period, simply contact us and a member of our team will advise you further.

Why do I have to send my faulty lamp back?

By getting the lamp back we can investigate the problems early and improve our products.  Failures can be due to factors outside of our control such as fluctuating electric currents or faulty appliances that are using the same circuits. As a result, every return we get is fully investigated and resolved to the best of our ability. At tp24 we work hard to constantly improve our LED products; consequently the lamp you receive will be the best available at that time and may be different from the one you sent in.

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Extended Warranty