Building Regulations

Building Regulations

Part L1 of the current UK Building Regulations refers to the Conservation of Fuel and Power in new build properties.

The key parts of these regulations are as follows:

  • Three per four light fittings in the home (75%) need to be energy efficient
  • Energy efficient light fittings should have an efficiency greater than 45 lumens per circuit watt and a total output of greater than 400 lumens
  • Light fittings less than 5 watts are excluded from the count of fittings

All tp24 products comply with current building regulations – a perfect choice for your new home.

This document is the current 2014 Building Regulations document that is approved by the LIA (Lighting Industry Association). Information regarding domestic starts on page 7 is outlined clearly on page 8. The document also contains further links to other helpful information.

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