If you already sell lighting and would like to become a stockist of tp24 products, please give tp24 a call on 01354 691 919.  If you sell furniture, carpets, tiles, wallpaper or other home products why not consider adding LED lighting and make more of your unused ceiling space.

The lighting business is changing rapidly and this is due to the development of LED.  The low energy lighting business is not just about selling decorative light fittings; it is also about selling the dramatic energy saving your customers can achieve by a simple conversion to LED – as much as 90%!  People do not change their ceiling lights very often, but if you can offer them a big saving on their energy usage it becomes a much more attractive option.

At tp24 we can help you do just that.  We can train your staff to sell energy saving and to understand the lighting business.  We can help with display and installation, demonstration techniques and complimentary marketing materials including catalogue, information booklets and leaflets.  With our full range of retrofit lamps, over 500 lines of LED fittings, extended warranties and quick fit systems tp24 can be your perfect partner.

Contact the sales team today on 01354 691 919 and maximize the revenue from your ceiling space.